Who performs the ketamine infusion treatments?


Dr. Kullman oversees all ketamine infusions and treatments.  After your initial consultation, he will suggest a treatment plan for you and consult with your referring provider as needed. During the infusion and recovery period, you will be monitored continuously for blood pressure, heart rate and pulse oximetry.

What is a mental health treatment plan?

For mental health conditions, typically we schedule 2-3 infusions per week over  a two to three week period.  Most patients do well and experience symptom relief with 6 infusions.

What is a chronic pain treatment plan?

We follow a protocol of 5-10 days depending on the type of chronic pain you have. These are consecutive days for one to two weeks.

What do I need to do to prepare for my treatment?

You should not eat for four hours prior to ketamine infusions. You may drink clear fluids up to two hours before.  Please take any medications as usual, wear comfortable clothing, and please bring music or anything you need for your comfort.  We provide warm soft blankets.

May I drive home after the treatment?


Please arrange for transportation home and not drive until you have had a full night’s sleep. You may take an Uber or car service by yourself. Public transportation is not recommended.

May I have someone with me during the treatment?

Yes, we encourage this but it is an individual and personal decision. Our infusion rooms are all private, softly lit and quiet, with comfortable reclining chairs. Each room has a guest chair

How effective are ketamine infusions?

Some patients experience a rapid response for mental health conditions after just one or two infusions. Chronic pain patients should experience symptom relief in four or five days. 75-80% of patients overall have good results.

Will I need to continue having treatments after the initial treatment plan?

Mental health treatment patients may not need to repeat infusions for weeks or months. This is different for each patient and each condition.  Chronic pain patients may need to return for repeat maintenance dose infusions more often.

Does insurance cover ketamine infusion therapy?

Ketamine is an FDA approved drug. However, ketamine IV infusion therapy is considered an off-label treatment for mental health and chronic pain conditions. There are multiple scientific articles and clinical trials reporting its efficacy when used to treat many conditions. Many sources are currently working on both FDA approval, and insurance reimbursement.

We continue to provide treatments with positive outcomes as do multiple health care providers throughout the world. Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance carriers do not pay for this treatment. Ketamine infusions are an out-of-pocket expense. We are hopeful this will change soon. We do our best to keep our fees affordable.