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Behavioral Health

Maximize your mental health results and get the most out of your ketamine therapy. Integration coaching helps you transform your experiences into profound and lasting change.

Behavioral Health

Coach with Casey Renee Rogers, an experienced Psychedelic Integration Coach and certified Cognitive Behavioral Facilitator, while turning your intentions into reality.  

What is integration coaching?  

Integration leverages your ketamine therapy experiences to help you transform unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior into positive change. Many people find that integration both increases and prolongs the positive effects of the treatment.  

Why is integration important?  

   Create and solidify new habits, behaviors, and patterns of thought that expedite the healing process and enhance emotional processing, so you can start thriving.  

  •    With enhanced guidance and support, turn new insights, perspectives and hopes into sustainable change and positive actions in the real world.  
  •    Transform what can often feel like an abstract experience into something clear and concrete.  
  •    Uncover practical tools that effectively and powerfully translate the experience into your daily life.  
  •    Take control of your mental health through proactive goal-setting, habit-creation and the development of coping strategies.  

How does it work?  

There are two ways to coach. Choose one or both of the following:

     Personalized One-On-One Coaching:

The most effective way to coach includes customized strategies and personalized resources. Sessions are virtual and run 50 minutes in length.   

     Group Integration:

If you prefer to integrate in a community or need a more affordable option, a virtual 60-minute integration circle is an intimate,        confidential and safe space to process your experiences. Verbal participation is not required.  Much can still be learned from          witnessing the transformation of others.  

Who will I coach with?  

Casey Renee Rogers is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Facilitator and ICF-certified  Professional Coach (PCC) with 9 years experience in private practice. She has specialized training in ketamine and psychedelics and is a recent graduate of the  SoundMind Institute’s Psychedelic Assisted Facilitation Program. Casey's approach is compassionate, nonjudgmental and grounded, emphasizing the “inner healing intelligence” that exists in each individual.  

When is the best time to experience this? 

   For personalized coaching, 24 to 48 hours after receiving treatment is recommended to maximize results, as this falls within the “critical learning period” for optimal neuroplasticity, however, it depends on personal preference and it’s never too late.  

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